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Javier Entelman


  • Skill

    Willpower Trance.

  • Quality

    Finding the right path amidst the chaos

  • Weakness

    Sacrificing too much for an objective


Javier, born on 30/12/1985 is the President of Sixth Vowel. His experience in cinematography, production, writing and business leadership are essential to carry the company forward. His past experience includes movie and music production, stock investment and business managment. Amongst his other talents he is an avid writer and negotiator.


Musician, Writer, Chief Producer, Investor, Creative Leadership and Polyglotism.

Known Projects:

• Producer of the movie “Madraza”.

• Musician and owner of the band “Makora”.

• Writer of the novel “El Amanecer”.

 Featured in the Low 100 of Inside Forbes magazine as an investor.

• Former manager of Entelman Abogados S.A.

•Writer of the game systems and complete story of “Element: Space”.