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Alejandro Iparraguirre

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Alejandro, born on 11/02/1981 is a Comercial and Electronics technician. He works as a producer and cultural manager, endorsing the videogame industry. He is also the main teacher in the “Maestría y Licenciatura en Artes Electrónicas de la UNTREF” (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero)
He is at the moment distinguishing himself in the industry as one of the founders of Gamester and is also an active speaker of DUVAL (Desarrolladores Unidos de Videojuegos de América Latina). He coordinates the government´s Culture Administration relating to videogames and is a Producer at Sixth Vowel. He helps coordinate the development team and consults in both technological and marketing aspects of the industry. Actual endeavors include the “Game Work Jam” events and Sixth Vowel´s production of “Element: Space”.


Marketing , Communication, Training and Production.

Known Projects:

Testing Show Deluxe
Game Work Jam
Tech Angels